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A new fashion incubator for undiscovered talent. The AMIRI Prize exists to encourage greater inclusivity in the fashion industry and to nurture up-and-coming designers and entrepreneurs. We want to encourage those who might not be on the conventional path and establish a support system that exists outside of the current establishment. We hope this annual prize will help to inspire a sense of possibility, hope, and above all, equal opportunity.
The Winner The Winner
Image of Amiri Prize winner, NaaAmerley Badger
NaaAmerley L. Badger

Founder and Creative Director
of Paulo Redeem

Paulo Redeem Logo

Paulo Redeem is independently owned by Founder and Creative Director NaaAmerley Badger whose name, coming from the Ga people of Ghana, means “First born girl”. She founded the brand in 2019 and has served as an Educator in Philadelphia schools for over a decade.

Paulo Redeem creates custom up-cycled garments from sustainable materials clients already own and collections from donated materials, reducing consumption and waste. Paulo Redeem began from a personal need to live with less and has evolved into a direct response to greenwashing and the lack of Black voices in sustainable fashion. Critical consciousness is foundational to Paulo Redeem's origins and daily practices.

Inspired by freedom and young people, Paulo Redeem calls upon the values of patience, equity, and redemption to reimagine a luxury grounded in personalized sustainability. Transforming and redesigning materials (from clothing to backpacks to curtains and beyond) received from clients is aligned with the belief that the most sustainable garment is the one already in your wardrobe. Circular, with a focus on creating valuable services instead of short-term products.

Designs are customized from redeemed (upcycled) materials. Pre-loved, pre-existing items, plus donations from family and friends comprise the elements and inspiration for Paulo Redeem collections, produced only once a large capsule of materials has amassed. Maximized embellishment, functionally surprising details, and exaggerated structure influence the design process for each slow-fashion pieces.

Whether it’s a collection piece, a custom one, or a brand collaboration capsule, you are engaging in a personalized, slow fashion buying experience that supports Black futures and chips away at the environmental waste created by excess.

AMIRI wishes to thank everyone who applied for the prize, including the two other finalists Ayama and Victor Li, and the below panel members who offered their time to collaborate on this project.

The Panel The Panel

Joining Mike Amiri on the panel are five accomplished and inspiring visionaries and entrepreneurs:

Panelist Mike Amiri: Founder and Creative Director of AMIRI

Founder and Creative Director

Panelist Salehe Bembury: Product Designer

Owner of Spunge

Panelist Chris Gibbs: Owner of Union Los Angeles

Owner of Union Los Angeles

Panelist Glenn Martens: Creative Director of Diesel and Y/Project

Creative Director of Diesel and Y/Project

Panelist Nikki Ogunnaike: Digital Director of Harper's Bazaar

Digital Director Harper’s Bazaar

Panelist Renzo Rosso: Founder of OTB

President of OTB

Panelist Karla Welch: Celebrity Stylist
Karla Welch

Celebrity Stylist